September 16 2023

I am in Print launches £1,000 writing prize with Canelo

Entering a writing competition is a fantastic way to put your work in front of a publisher. We are therefore hugely excited to be working with Canelo, one of the largest independent digitally focused publishers in Europe and one of the largest UK fiction publishers by volume, to find the best, as yet unpublished, manuscripts.

Manuscripts entered into the I Am In Print Novel Award must be complete, written in English and be between 70,000 and 100,000 words. The award is open to writers globally and novels written for an adult audience in the following genres are welcome: Action thriller, Cosy mystery, Crime, Historical adventure, Horror, Psychological thriller, Romance, and Saga.

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September 16 2023

Inclusive Books for Children launches website

Inclusive Books for Children (IBC), a new charity, has launched a website that aims to make “sourcing high quality inclusive children’s books a seamless experience”, supporting parents and caregivers as they buy books. The site contains over 700 freely available expert book reviews and recommendations, and can be
navigated to find books “featuring protagonists with specific characteristics, browse booklists curated by
theme or types of representation and much more.”

Inclusive Books for Children launches website
September 16 2023

Hatch Press takes flight with Bonnier Books UK

Bonnier Books UK today announces the launch of Hatch Press, the home of creativity, inspiration and amazing adventures through history.

The newest imprint within the company’s thriving children’s division, Hatch Press will publish non-fiction, hands-on learning, and art and activity titles for fledgling readers between 3-12 years old – laying the foundations for a lifetime love of books.

Bonnier Books UK
September 12 2023

Blue Peter reveals a new Book Badge, designed by Sir Quentin Blake (New Blue Peter Book Club)

Blue Peter has unveiled a new Book badge, designed by one of the UK’s best-known illustrators, Sir Quentin Blake.

The Blue Peter Book badge will be awarded to children aged 5-15 who send in their thoughts on a book, draw a character or scene and share which other books and writers they love.

Blue Peter reveals a new Book Badge, designed by Sir Quentin Blake, BBC Media Centre

September 11 2023

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to a new blog – outside news.

I started this blog because I wanted to share news about books that I see. I know Matt has helped other people set up feed groups to put headlines on the front page. That’s cool and I support it. This is for those cases where the news matters but there’s no feed to get the important headlines.

Posts here should be of the form “headline, outlet, and introductory quote with prominent links” to the full story. Images are good but not mandatory.

Anyone can share news here by joining the group but only mods and admins can publish them. That is just to protect against spam. Once we get to know you, we will make you a group mod so you can post freely.