September 11 2023


This blog is to share bookish news. This is for when there’s book news to share but no feed to get the important headlines on Author Buzz.

Anyone can share news here by joining the group but only mods and admins can publish them. That is just to protect against spam. Once we get to know you, we will enable your ability to directly post news.

Posts must have

  • headline (from news source)
  • Introductory quote with prominent links
  • the outlet should be explicitly stated (who published this)
  • You MUST put a URL in the Syndication Links field (bottom of editing area)
  • The best matching category
  • citations for everything

Optional extras

  • images are good as are featured images
  • Additional information summary is nice
  • further links (news source, other coverage, etc., etc.)
  • Tags are a really good idea


News items will appear on the front page. We expect those with publishing rights to space things out if there are many posts in a short period of time. This is to avoid spamming the main site.

Technical note: You may need to use preferences > panels to tidy up your editing area. This is a basic technical challenge that we expect contributors to manage for themselves if they want to get self-publish status.